Create, chat, and play in Sinespace

For anyone looking for fun, friends, and limitless ways to be creative.

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Despite still being under development, Sinespace is a pretty remarkable and brand-new virtual world game where you can literally be anyone you like, create anything you like, and explore anywhere you like! Setting itself as a direct competitor of Second Life, this game has so much more to offer and at creator-friendly way too.

After signing up and booting up the game, you’ll be dropped into the Welcome Center world where, if you’re lucky, an actual guide would be present to go through all the exciting events they have lined up for the week and also to answer your questions. If not, you can still use the chatting system to communicate with other players and perhaps make some friends.

Moving around in this game is fairly straightforward. You can use WASD to walk around, press Shift to run, and spacebar to jump. You can fly in this game as well – just press F, but you cannot swim in this game. Now, before moving on to checking out other worlds (via the Explore button at the bottom), you might want to take a look to see if you can find “mining nodes” that are hidden around the place. These items are miniaturized versions of objects, such as a stack of gold bar, an anchor or a pumpkin, and not an actual mining node. By finding these hidden items, you can get 100 silvers for free. You can even click on these items every 20 mins to collect free silvers.